NJPCA Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Success Initiative

NJPCA is excited to share a colorectal cancer screening initiative with Federally Qualified Health Centers throughout the State. We have recently been in discussion with Aetna, LabCorp, and the American Cancer Society on a proposal to distribute free colorectal cancer screening kits to Community Health Centers. The goal of this initiative is to increase screening and treatment of FQHC patients.

Why: This year, NJPCA will utilize several different public health campaigns to highlight the work of Community Health Centers. These various campaigns will provide the general public, our partners and legislators with the relevance of Community Health Centers, emphasize the wide variety of services and underscore the contributions that Health Centers make to New Jersey’s healthcare landscape.

NJPCA’s Ask: We are asking Community Health Centers to continue to do what you are already doing, and let NJPCA showcase the important services Centers provide.

Impact: Among FQHCs in New Jersey, the screening rate for colorectal cancer is 42.63%. Nationally, among FQHCs, the rate is 39.89%. Although we exceed the national average, we would like to be in line with the American Cancer Society goal to help screen 80% of adults age 50 or older for colorectal cancer. By documenting our progress monthly, we will strengthen public awareness of CRC Screening and our Centers’ work.

What materials does my Center receive? To gather further information regarding these materials, please contact Stephanie Gee at sgee@njpca.org. We have also attached sample content for your website and social media platforms in the NJPCA Communications and Social Media Toolkit.

What does NJPCA get out of this? Nada—no money or in kind anything. We are just trying to raise the FQHC profile in our state, it helps to remind everyone of the good work CHCs do—especially around budget time.

Press Conference: NJPCA plans to officially launch this initiative during a press conference at the Conference for Change: Colorectal and Lung Cancer Screening Innovation on May 23, 2018. The event will take place at the Boathouse at Mercer Lake, 334 South Post Road in West Windsor Township, New Jersey.

To access the NJPCA Publicity Toolkit for this initiative, please see the toolkit attached here.