New Jersey’s Own Project ECHO is Here!

NJ FQHCs and Robert Wood Johnson Partner for a new Project ECHO

What if you could treat your patients with complex conditions right in your practice?

A new Project ECHO has come to New Jersey that enables you to help your patients through only 90-minutes a week. Nearly fifteen years ago, Dr. Sanjeev Arora, a liver disease specialist at the University of New Mexico, posed this question when realizing that he could serve only a fraction of the patients with hepatitis C in his home state. His solution: offer a free, virtual specialist-led, telementoring clinic to local community providers on how to treat the condition.

Beginning this winter, RWJ Partners Project ECHO is launching in New Jersey to help you screen, treat, and manage complex patients with complex endocrinology, and pediatric developmental & behavioral challenges.

Meeting the Needs of New Jersey’s FQHCs

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation, with 1.4 million of our residents living at or below the federal poverty level. New Jersey also has the lowest percentage of doctors who accept Medicaid patients, pushing the growing number of underinsured or uninsured patients to the FQHCs. RWJ Partners Project ECHO helps FQHCs meet these needs by connecting PCPs and specialists in a collaborative model of online medical education, which:

  • Improves Patient Access to Care
  • Transfers Specialty Knowledge to PCP
  • Retains Patients through Treatment
  • Establishes Ongoing Mentoring Network with Peers and Specialists