New Jersey Primary Care Association’s Emergency Management provides Federally Qualified Health Centers with training, technical assistance, and resources to assist in their efforts to prepare for, respond to, recover from all types of disasters and emergencies. The Emergency Management Team collaborates with federal, state, and local partners to promote and ensure that community health centers are represented in emergency planning and response. New Jersey’s Community Health Centers continuously prepare for a whole community, all-hazards approach so that an emergency will not be compounded by surprise. NJPCA emergency preparedness efforts ensure that Community Health Centers are ready.


In an emergency, every member of a Health Center’s staff will be required to respond. Everyone must know their role and how to execute it. An emergency may strain a facility in many ways: personnel, resources, patient safety, and caseload. Threats to healthcare facilities are incredibly varied, but by building partnerships through the New Jersey Healthcare and Public Health Collaborative, we can address concerns, identify gaps, and discuss best practices regarding emergency preparedness and response efforts.


During business hours, Monday – Friday, from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, please call 609-689-9930 if you require assistance.