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January 11, 2018

Contact: Toni Granato, Communications Coordinator of the New Jersey Primary Care Association, 609-689-9930 ext. 19

Osborn Family Health Center Named Newest FQHC in New Jersey

Osborn Family Health Center in Camden has been named the newest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in New Jersey. FQHCs are community-based health care providers that receive funds from the Health Resources & Services Administration to provide primary care services in underserved areas. Community Health Centers, also known as FQHCs must meet a stringent set of requirements, including providing care on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay and operating under a governing board that includes patients. Osborn is an FQHC “look-alike.” Look-alikes operate and provide services consistent with health center program requirements, but do not receive health center funding.

“We welcome Osborn Family Health Center to the family of Federally Qualified Health Centers in New Jersey. Osborn has a legacy of providing quality care to underserved populations in Camden since 1974. NJPCA’s mission of providing equal access to quality healthcare is aligned with Osborn’s mission. We are pleased to have Osborn as a part of the NJPCA team,” said New Jersey Primary Care Association President and CEO, Jillian Hudspeth.

Osborn Family Health Center was established in 1974 in a brownstone house on Haddon Avenue in Camden. The Health Center was named after the first Chief of Surgery at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center, Dr. Edward Osborn who donated the brownstone. During the first two years of operation, the center’s volume tripled. In 1976, Osborn moved into a renovated Studebaker show room across the street from the medical center. Osborn remained there until 1999.[1]The Health Center is now located at the Sister Elizabeth Corry Ambulatory Care Center.

“Osborn Family Health Center is proud to be designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike. For the past 44 years, Osborn has helped thousands of people in Camden receive affordable and quality access to Pediatric, OB/GYN, Family Practice, and Specialty Services. We look forward to working with Community Health Centers in New Jersey and being a member of NJPCA,” said Executive Director and CEO of Osborn Family Health Center, Shawne Cuilla.


The New Jersey Primary Care Association (NJPCA) is an advocate for community health centers as well as a provider of comprehensive education, training, and technical assistance to health centers in New Jersey. The primary goal of NJPCA is to provide for the expansion and provision of quality, cost-effective and efficient primary healthcare through Community Health Centers. With the addition of the Osborn Family Health Center, NJPCA currently has 24 health centers and 134 satellite sites providing healthcare services to over 500,000 people in New Jersey. For more information about NJPCA, please visit
Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) are in every state across the nation. FQHCs are authorized under Section 330(A) of the Public Health Services Act to provide healthcare to the medically underserved. Many health centers and their sites are specially designated to serve the needs of special populations including homeless populations, public housing residents, migrant and seasonal farm workers, veterans and school-aged children. For more information about the HRSA Health Center Program, please visit

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In the first attached photo, from left to right is NJPCA President and CEO, Jillian Hudspeth; Osborn Family Health Center CEO, Shawne Cuilla; Osborn Family Health Center Medical Director, Emmanuel Frederick Ashong, MD; and Osborn Family Health Center Chief Financial Officer, Garry Brown.

[1] Osborn Family Health Center website.

Osborn Family Health Center Named Newest FQHC in New Jersey