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Atlantic City, N.J. –

The New Jersey Primary Care Association (NJPCA) wrapped up its annual conference.

On Thursday, October 25th, the NJPCA hosted day two of its annual conference in Atlantic City called It’s About the Patients: Community Health Centers Providing Integrated Quality Care.

The conference is an opportunity for federally qualified health centers to network with colleagues and community partners from across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Officials say the conference this year is the first step in working to change the primary care health system to work better for patients.

“This is how we begin to shift the power dynamic so that the folks we are representing have some say in the potential solution. Our patients are depending on us,” said President and CEO of NJPCA, Jillian Hudspeth.

The conference featured a variety of speakers as well as offered presentations, certification opportunities, and dynamic trainings that allowed attendees to connect with one another and discover new and innovative practices in primary care.

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NJPCA Holds Conference on Patient Care in Atlantic City